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Celebrating Life after Loss



What do you do when your heart is broken? Friends and family members do all they can to help. You get more advice than you can put into action. You try to talk yourself into feeling better, BUT your heart and your head are not communicating. When your heart is broken, rationalizing does not seem to help. loss

Grief is one of the least acknowledged and least addressed concerns in our society.


  • Is the normal & natural reaction to significant emotional loss of any kind.
  • Is the entire range of naturally occurring human emotions that accompany loss
  • Is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a similar pattern of behavior.

Loretta Baker provides Bereavement Aftercare and classes focused on grief through JubaLive. People of all ages and from every walk of life may find themselves broken-hearted. Many are recognizing the need for services, knowledge, and skills that may improve their quality divorceof life. Whether you are grieving the death of a loved one; the end of a relationship; the loss of employment; the loss of a child through death, miscarriage, abortion, or violence; the loss of personal belongings, the loss of your pet, or other losses, you may benefit from this program.

Loretta’s mission is to work with individuals, organizations, and communities in creating a society that is strengthened and empowered by managing life after losses. Through its initiatives, Jubalive will lead efforts to increase communication and understanding of the impact of losses on people’s lives. Participants may learn how grief results from societal issues and their backgrounds. Through managing losses, participants may become motivated to address some of the important systemic issues that accompany multiple losses.

If you are ready to move beyond the pain of one or more losses, contact Loretta to determine how you may benefit from the Grief Recovery Method.


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